UL and Abrantix team up for automated testing of payment terminals

Robot to automate payment terminal testing

UL, the Illinois-based provider of IT product development services has announced a collaboration with Zurich-based Abrantix, an independent company founded in 2001 which specialises in payment software engineering, to launch UL Brand Test Robot.

The robot will be used to physically test payment terminals; typically a manual and repetitive process involving test operators pressing buttons, entering PINs and inserting cards. The UL Brand Test Robot integrates the AX Robot solution from Abrantix with the UL Brand Test Tool, and will save testing time and minimise the need for human intervention, the companies say.
According to Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires, Technology Director at UL’s Transaction Security division: “The integration with the Abrantix AX robot solution will reinforce the positioning and current list of features of the UL Brand Test Tool by adding innovative automation capabilities.”

Terminal manufacturers and payment acquirers may also want to ‘stress’ their payment acceptance devices by performing a high number of unattended transactions to prove the durability of the terminal software, Di Lorenzo Pires added.

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