World Quality Report shows IT spending on QA falling, TCoEs in decline

World Quality Report shows IT spending on QA falling, TCoEs in decline

After years of steady growth, the proportion of IT budgets spent on quality assurance has fallen from 31% to 26% over the past year, according to the annual survey of QA trends produced by consultancy Capgemini. Spending on IT hardware has meanwhile risen. The other key finding of the survey, which compiled responses from 1,660 »

Video interview: Michael Flynn, Talbot Underwriting

Video interview: Michael Flynn, Talbot Underwriting

Implementing agile offers both opportunities and challenges for testers in QA departments. Michael Flynn, head of IT quality assurance at Talbot Underwriting, explains how testers take on new responsibilities in agile, acting as stand-ins for product owners in the development process – and manual testing will continue to be a big part of it. Flynn »

Round-up: Regulatory and Company News

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) proposed revision to clock synchronisation standards for systems that trade equities or securities. Previously, clocks were required to be synchronised to the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock with an accuracy of one second. The new standard requires trading systems »


Lombard Risk merges regulatory products

Lombard Risk, a UK-listed company that develops regulatory reporting software for financial firms, has consolidated its European and Asian and US product platforms into AgileReporter, and also announced an update for new credit risk reporting requirements under Basel III rules. AgileReporter is designed to automate the submission of reports to regulatory bodies; typically these reports are »

The QA expert interview: Mike Salsbury, Caplin

Mike Salsbury is head of product development at Caplin, the London-based software vendor which designs trading technology for banks and other financial firms. Caplin specialises in web-based trading platforms for cross-asset trading, though the firm has carved an especially strong position in electronic FX markets. QA Financial met Salsbury at Caplin’s London headquarters. Q: Mike, »