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Robots in finance bring new risks to stability, regulators warn

A study published by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a panel of regulators that includes the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, has revealed that the financial industry’s rush to adopt AI threatens to inject risks into the financial system and “amplify financial shocks”. The FSB, headed by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, »

Shalini Chaudhari, Accenture

Machine learning and QA: using data to super-charge testing

Artificial intelligence – the term that loosely applies to a range of technologies that mirror human cognitive functions – could be a valuable tool for quality assurance. But if AI is going to lead to a paradigm shift in the way software is tested, that shift is still some time away, according to Andreas Golze, »

Microsoft Starts New Venture Fund With Investment in Bengio’s Element AI

Element AI, a Montreal-based research lab, started by Yoshua Bengio and others, will get an undisclosed amount from Microsoft Ventures, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said in a statement Monday. The size of the fund, which will back AI companies, wasn’t disclosed. “The kinds of companies in this fund will help people and machines work together to »

Two Sigma Says Artificial Intelligence Lacks Smarts

Siegel, who has used AI to build his Two Sigma Investments into a $37 billion hedge fund firm, said algorithms are limited by the scant amount of training data available to instruct them on how to differentiate objects in images. “Artificial intelligence today doesn’t have anything that resembles common sense, and common sense is a »

Book Review: Robo Advisors – It’s All in the Game

Book Review: Robo Advisors – It’s All in the Game

Back in February, we ran an article on QA-Financial entitled: “Are Regulators Right to Focus on Robo-Investing?” The answer is, well, maybe. While asset management firms are making big investments in robo-investment platforms, the advice those platforms are giving, together with the algorithms that are driving that advice, are actually rather straightforward. The modern portfolio »

Artificial intelligence drives new thinking on patent rights

Artificial intelligence drives new thinking on patent rights

A new paradigm will shake up the IP landscape, as cognitive activities once performed by humans will now increasingly be performed by machines. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (collectively AI) are hot topics in almost every industry, affecting everything from robotics, autonomous vehicles, and consumer devices to health and pharmaceutical technologies. AI is being used »

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FCA to receive applicants for regulatory sandbox scheme Christopher Woolard, director of strategy and competition at the FCA, speaking at the Innovate Finance Global Summit on April 11th, announced that on May 9th the FCA would start receiving applications for its regulatory sandbox. The FCA first announced the scheme in a November 2015 report. The »