Caribbean-based insurance providers, Advantage, choose Graphite GTC platform for software improvement

The Graphite GTC platform serves business owners in risk management and financial planning and says its tools and technology enable the development of large-scale software projects and applications. Advantage said it will use the no-code development platform to build business processes related to insurance and data management. It said the GTC platform will develop more »

Round-up: Regulatory and Company News

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) proposed revision to clock synchronisation standards for systems that trade equities or securities. Previously, clocks were required to be synchronised to the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock with an accuracy of one second. The new standard requires trading systems »

Software AG launches DevOps tool

Frankfurt-based technology firm Software AG has released a tool for the development, testing, integration and deployment of new software. The company said that the product, called webMethods DevOps Edition, was created to speed up app launches and help firms implementing a DevOps methodology Navdeep Sidhu, senior director of product marketing at Software AG, said that »


Video interview: Grant Passmore, AI

The advanced mathematical technique of formal integration can be used to test the soundness of complex financial marketplaces, such as dark pool trading venues. In this interview, Grant Passmore guides from the work of Gödel and Turing to the first practical applications of formal verification in the computer industry and on to the application of formal verification to the »