Quality needs to be at the heart of digital transformation, says SQS CEO

SQS, the Cologne-based consultancy firm specialising in quality assurance for software-based systems, has released its key findings from a survey conducted to analyse the perceptions and usage of different types of banking channels by the UK general public. The survey, undertaken by Arlington Research who led 2,000 online interviews, found that although 95% of the »

Bank customers have little patience for glitchy apps

A survey commissioned by US testing company QualiTest Group has found that that nine out of ten users of apps for finance or banking are likely to abandon that app if they noticed bugs and glitches. The survey was carried out in collaboration with Google Consumer Surveys, and polled 1,000 respondents in the US between »

Video: Capgemini’s 2016 World Quality Report

Video: Capgemini’s 2016 World Quality Report

Govindarajan Muthukrishnan, global testing head of financial services at Capgemini and co-author of the world quality report, discusses the results of the report. Banks embarking on the digital transformation are looking to outsourced testing firms for technical testers. The growth of the Internet of Things is creating an explosion of data that leads to more »

Tricentis survey for Q1 ranks banks behind government bodies in “Fail Watch”

A criminal gang exploited vulnerabilities in the security systems of the central bank of Bangladesh and SWIFT payments software to steal $81 million in February — the most costly software bug classified in the first quarter by Austrian testing service provider Tricentis in its regular Software Fail Watch. But according to Tricentis’s quarterly report on »