About QA Financial

QA-Financial.com is an independent news and events platform launched in March 2016 and owned by QA Media Ltd, an independent publishing company unaffiliated with any other business.

We cover the quality assurance, testing and IT risk management of software and technology used by:

  • Investment and retail banks
  • Asset managers
  • Exchanges
  • Insurance companies
  • Software and market data vendors

Quality assurance enables financial firms to deploy technology that meets their business and security requirements as well as the compliance tests of regulators.

By making the right choices about testing standards and testing partners, financial firms can implement new technologies as quickly as possible.

QA-Financial.com combines its own original journalism with technical contributions sourced from experts. Our Knowledge Bank is the library of that technical content.

We always clearly identify any sponsored or paid-for content on the QA-Financial.com website.

Do get in touch with our Editor Matthew at matthew@qa-financial.com or +44 (0) 203 196 0146 if you have news on the following:

  • The development of testing tools and services, such as automated testing
  • The impact of regulatory change and compliance requirements on the QA process
  • Standards in testing for cyber-security and other IT risks
  • The market for out-sourced testing services
  • Industry news on the people and firms providing QA and testing services


Editorial contacts

Matthew Crabbe, CEO: [email protected]

Rachel Williams, Editor: [email protected]


Event contacts

Lauren King, Event Production[email protected]


Commercial Enquiries

QA-Financial.com works with clients — IT service providers — to deliver targeted marketing. We have wide experience in producing effective campaigns based on:

  • In-person conferences, seminars and presentations
  • Online video and webinars
  • Lead-generation — precisely targeted marketing with value-added content
    Content creation and research

For all commercial enquiries contact:

Lawrence Bell:

[email protected]