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About QA Financial

Resilience and innovation  |  Software risk management  |  The latest in AI, testing and DevOps

QA Media was founded Matthew Crabbe and launched its first QA Financial Forum, in London, in 2016.

Since then, more than 2,500 delegates from financial and E-commerce organisations have attended our events as delegates. Hundreds of speakers from leading firms have shared their insights and experience on how they manage software quality at their firms. Each event is attended by around 100 senior delegates from banks, capital markets firms, wealth managers and insurance companies.

The format of our events is a key advantage for sponsors. We hold them in central locations in major financial centres, and at the best venues.

We invite senior decision-makers as our delegate guests. We work with our sponsors to invite the people they want to meet. Our agendas are designed to attract an audience interested in broad industry trends – such as growing regulatory scrutiny of financial firmsʼ digital resilience – as well as the technical detail of software development.

QA Financial also runs regular online seminars (“webinars”) for its clients. These are often connected to research projects and white paper case studies we have produced. An online event is a great way to engage with an audience on a specific technical subject.

We also produce private meetings on a bespoke basis for sponsors, gathering groups of your target customers for focused discussion.

We currently have an up-to-date database of more than 40,000 professionals working in software quality management at financial and E-commerce firms globally. Around 50% of these contacts are in the USA.

Our sponsor partners

QA Financial has worked with more than 60 different sponsor partners for its Forum and research events and research products.

These customers include many of the most innovative names in software development technology, as well as some of the largest consultancies and global IT firms.

Research and white papers

We also produce “thought leadership” white papers for our sponsor partners. For example, we worked with Expleo to produce a detailed report on the likely impact of the EUʼs proposed Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Read that report here.

We produced a white paper for Parasoft that quantified, on the basis of our proprietary research and analytics, the impact of Parasoft Virtualize – Parasoft’s service virtualization platform – on improved delivery and quality assurance of applications at Bank of America and ING. You can see that white paper here.

The QA Financial 100 is a 40pp report detailing the businesses of the leading 100 vendor companies in the software quality management space, along with articles on key regulatory and technology trends impacting financial firms. Our fully revised 2023 edition of the QA Financial 100 will offer sponsors the opportunity to contribute thought-leadership articles and enhanced descriptions of their firms and services. You can read more about the QA Financial 100 here.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you generate new leads and contacts among technology decision-makers at financial firms around the world, then please contact us at: