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Accedian Launches New Network Performance Insights Tool


Canadian network communication and application monitoring specialist Accedian has launched a new service analytics platform. The platform, so called DataHub IQ, plugs into Accedian’s performance monitoring tool Skylight to extract insigs from the active and passive network performance data Skylight generates. The Skylight platform combines active and passive testing capabilities, but according to Tom Foottit, the senior manager of network analytics at Accedian, the company lacked a tool that could take all the data it was creating and analyze it to provide insight and predict network issues. While Accedian offered clients the chance to use existing analytics tools, the company is looking to streamline the integration with the introduction of DataHub IQ. “The vast majority of deployed software in this space was designed and built off technology that is at least a decade old in many cases, if not more,” Foottit said. “The primary difference is they weren’t built to handle large volumes of time series data.” The platform leverages Apache Druid, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka for open source big data and time series data stock. The company hopes that this will improve the automation of performance in cloud and hybrid networks for closed loop automation and self-healing.