Recognition for innovation and excellence in software quality assurance and app delivery

The QA Financial Awards are unique.

They are are the only awards dedicated to software quality assurance, testing, delivery and IT risk management at banks and other financial services firms.

In deciding the awards, we are looking for:

  • Innovation in response to customer demand and market opportunities, and in response to regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Innovation in the application of new technologies, such as automation.
  • The expert execution of quality assurance in the delivery of the apps, software development project, software product or technology platform.


Please remember: these are European Software and App Awards. We will be looking for submissions that relate to projects completed in calendar year 2016 or the first quarter of 2017.

The entry process is straightforward, and can initially be completed by any authorised person involved in the project or category for which the entry is being submitted.

All awards will be decided independently by the QA Financial editorial team.

Please submit your entry by April 30th, 2017.

Your firm can enter as many categories as you wish. Please complete one form per category entered. There is no charge or fee for entry.

All information submitted will be treated in confidence. However, we will ask winners for on-the-record interviews and will be seeking independent verification and on-the-record comments from clients cited.

In order to encourage submissions, we do not ask for exhaustive detail at the initial entry stage.

For each entry, a 500-word description will be adequate.

Please focus submissions on what you consider to be the key innovations and benchmarks for improved standards of quality assurance in the project(s) or products in question.

Short-listed applicants will be contacted in May 2017.

Our awards finalists will be announced in July 2017 and our awards citations will be published at

There are two major categories of awards for the QA Financial Awards: for vendors and for financial firms. Please click the Enter the Awards tab above for details of each award.

We want to make this initial award submission process as easy and straightforward as possible.

We want you to see a great opportunity to tell us about a project that has been successful and deserves recognition.

On our side, we are looking to write awards citations that tell good stories.
Once we have short-listed entries we will ask for more detail. But here are some basic guidelines and tips for your initial entry:

1/ Focus

Our focus at is on quality assurance, app development and delivery and IT risk management at financial firms – banks, insurance companies, asset managers, payments platforms, exchanges, etc. Please ensure your submission is relevant to this audience.

2/ Challenges

We are most of all interested in the challenges financial firms face in quality assurance and app delivery, and how they are addressing those challenges. The challenges might be technical, regulatory or to do with changes in the markets served by those firms – a combination of those challenges.

3/ A good story

We are looking for submissions that tell a good story about how a financial firm and its external partners have worked together to tackle those challenges. It will be a good story that also typifies more general trends and technological developments that also confront other financial firms.

4/ Facts

Numbers help to tell the story, especially if they are good examples of the scale of the challenge and the results achieved. But for the initial submission we only require some basic facts that illustrate the story: the challenges and the outcomes. We can discuss our needs for more supporting information later.

5/ Client support

If you are vendor of services and you are making a submission, we understand at the initial stage you may only want to refer anonymously to clients, e.g. to “A large European Bank”.  However, please remember that in the second stage of the process we will be seeking to interview a client(s) to support the submission and will ideally be looking to quote them in our awards citations.

6/ Confidentiality

We undertake to maintain confidentially in all submissions and their content at initial stage. No record of your submission will be published in any form. At the stage of short-list interviews, we will be asking for on-the-record information that can be used in awards citations.

7/ Please ask!

If you have any questions about the submissions process, please contact [email protected].