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BBVA consolidates technology units


BBVA, the Spanish multinational bank, has announced the consolidation of its three key units: BBVA Next Technologies, BBVA IT España, and Datio. They will be replaced by the creation of a new company, BBVA Technology. 

BBVA Next Technologies was founded in 2018 and is focussed on digital transformation. BBVA IT España, founded in 2017, is responsible for the provision of IT services to BBVA and Datio provides data management and analytics services.

BBVA Technology, which will integrate 3,000 employees from the three legacy organisations, will begin operations next year and will focus on “software development transformation”, which is one of the “strategic priorities” for BBVA. Current BBVA Next Technologies CEO Ricardo Jurado will become CEO of the new company once the integration process is complete.

[Image Source: LinkedIn]