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BrowserStack Takes Aim at Atlassian Marketplace by Integrating with Jira and Trello


Web and mobile app testing platform BrowserStack has released integrations with Atlassian’s Jira and Trello solutions. The integration will allow developers to capture and share issues within the BrowserStack interface and streamline the process of finding and reporting bugs, the company hopes. According to a company press release, using the combination of BrowserStack, Jira and Trello, teams will be able to instantly capture and share issues, without any additional setup. According to senior product manager Snehal Patel, this is the first of many BrowserStack integrations, intended to help dev teams transition to Agile. The new release can be seen as a move by BrowserStack to improve its standing and visibility in the Atlassian Marketplace, by integrating with Atlassian’s tools. “BrowserStack offers integrations with these products, unlike other cross browser testing tools that provide add-ons or plugins,” Patel said. “The result is that developers are able to share bug report details and context in one place, via a single, seamless workflow.”