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LambdaTest launches tool that runs tests directly into browsers

Mayank Bhola, co-founder and head of product at LambdaTest
Mayank Bhola, co-founder and head of product at LambdaTest

LambdaTest, the San Francisco-headquartered cloud automation testing platform provider, has launched a new tool that allows QA teams to run tests directly within their browsers.

The company told QA Financial that its LambdaTest Accessibility DevTools Chrome offers a range of scanning options, prioritizes critical issues for efficient resolution, and integrates with existing workflows “to enhance development efficiency, ensure compliance, and promote digital inclusivity.”

“It aims to significantly improve web accessibility, making it easier for QA testers, developers and product managers to test, manage, and report accessibility issues directly within their browsers,” explained Mayank Bhola, co-founder and head of product at LambdaTest.

Bhola pointed out that the tool offers accessibility scans with options like full page scans, targeted partial page scans, automated multi-page scans, and advanced workflow scans, “helping to identify and address accessibility issues throughout the website.”

Moreover, he explained that the solution “enables issue discovery to pinpoint and correct common accessibility errors, streamlining the resolution process.”

When asked to elaborate, Bhola said “it provides prioritised issue management that categorises and tackles accessibility issues.”

EU legislation

With the European Accessibility Act of 2025 in effect, ensuring website accessibility is a legal requirement for EU businesses, Bhola continued, as he said that “this tool helps developers integrate accessibility testing seamlessly into their workflows, meeting EAA compliance and promoting inclusivity.”

He concluded by saying that “as the demand for accessibility tools grows, tools like this one become essential for businesses to ensure their digital content is accessible to all.”

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