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New Relic adds AI observability tool


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New Relic, the San Francisco-headquartered observability specialist, has announced the launch of a new AI tool which is designed to detect and rectify coverage gaps in the alerts set up by software teams, to ensure that issues do not go undetected. The offering will be integrated with the existing New Relic observability platform and will be available to users at no additional cost, the company claims.

Following the detection of a coverage gap, the model will suggest alerts that can either be directly implemented or modified to better suit the individual requirements.

Commenting on the announcement, senior product manager at New Relic, Camden Swita [pictured] said: “It’s not uncommon for DevOps teams to discover an issue that the existing alerts they put in place were not designed to address”. He added that the tool’s: “Machine learning algorithms ensure DevOps teams are tracking the right thresholds to ensure there are no blind spots that could adversely affect application performance.”

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