Capgemini to help accelerate robotic automation across UK Central Government

Capgemini announces agreement with the UK Cabinet Office to develop a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Centre of Excellence (CoE) to automate clerical processes

Capgemini, the multinational professional services and business consultancy, has announced a two-year agreement with the UK Cabinet Office to develop a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Centre of Excellence (CoE).

RPA describes a process in which software is programmed to autonomously carry out basic tasks across applications. The CoE, which is now up and running, will help to accelerate the take-up of RPA across central government by supporting departments to develop plans to automate some of their clerical processes.

Christine Hodgson, Capgemini UK Chairman and Member of the Group Executive Committee, commented: “RPA is an excellent opportunity for public sector organisations to realise significant productivity gains and focus on more value-added services. Based on our UK public sector and global RPA experience, we are confident that the Centre of Excellence will have a key role in supporting the public service transformation.”

RPA will help UK Government departments use technology to perform repetitive tasks that may involve drawing information from different databases – for example, to verify a request for a service, grant or benefit, Capgemini said. The new CoE itself, brings together an expert team of people at the forefront of this technology from the public and private sector, and will serve as a showcase for RPA activities by providing education and demonstrations.

Capgemini told QA Financial that from their experience of automation in the financial services industry, they would consider the financial functions of Government departments to be good candidates for automation in the future.

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