Barclays releases app sandbox to launch developer competition

Bank says it wants developers to create ‘gamified’ mobile applications to drive customer engagement.

Barclays Bank will give developers access to a sandbox banking mobile app, sandbox banking APIs, and mocked customer data under a competition it is calling  “Launchpad Business Challenge”. Applicants are expected to build and test their own app, with the aim of using gamification to create a more pleasant customer experience.

Gamification uses elements from games, such as scoring points or overcoming obstacles, to create a more compelling user experience. A Barclays spokesperson said that they hope to see: “Applications from developers that have a deep understanding of game mechanics who can apply their know-how to build compelling user experiences and appropriate solutions based on customer preferences.”

Applicants have until June 10 to submit their proposals. Successful companies will be given access to Barclays sandbox banking APIs and mobile banking apps and will have one week to use those to develop a product to showcase on a demo day on June 27.

Winners of the challenge will be able to continue working with Barclays to further develop their app. They will get the chance to release their product on the Launchpad platform, a feature that lets selected customers try apps that are being tested. If it is successful it could then go “into Barclays’ overall online and mobile banking strategy,” according to the bank’s website.

A Barclays spokesperson said that: “We think that there is fantastic potential to drive really engaging user experiences and we want to find new and novel ways to help customers achieve better outcomes.”

Additional information: here 

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