Experitest and Capgemini join forces to open mobile test lab

The cloud-based lab for testing mobile apps allows financial firms to access devices over the cloud and integrate with continuous development environments, says Experitest

Paris-based consulting firm Capgemini has collaborated with US-headquartered test tool specialist Experitest to open a mobile apps testing lab for the financial services. The lab will allow financial service firms to test mobile applications over the cloud on a 24-hour basis, and is intended to facilitate continuous development.

Client firms will be able to rent the lab – which includes mobile devices and all the necessary tooling – on demand, paying on a use-basis. They will then be able to set up a private lab bench consisting of a range of digital products, which include tablets and wearable devices as well as smartphones.

The lab is based on Experitest’s private-cloud SeeTestCloud platform and can be accessed remotely around the clock. The test environment is run inside Capgemini’s virtual private network. The lab allows for integration with Experitest’s end-to-end test tools as well as open source and automation environments. Test team will be able to perform functional, performance and compatibility testing on mobile apps, either manually or using automation.

Financial firms will be able to manage their test execution directly, running tests in parallel and consolidating results in a centralised test analytics system. According to a press release, Capgemini and Experitest hope to achieve costings savings of up to 50% for their customers.

With mobile apps becoming increasingly flexible and easy to use, said said Anand Moorthy, Vice President, Capgemini’s Financial Services, testing must catch up: ”Innovation in testing mobile applications must also provide flexibility and convenience, and this cloud-hosted mobile lab transforms how these apps can be tested.”

“The Capgemini mobile device hosted cloud dedicated for the financial services industry is a unique offering for banks, insurance companies, and other financial services enterprises,” said Tal Barmeir, Experitest CEO. “The core capabilities of functional and performance testing are fully integrated into the CICD flow of these organizations, creating seamless cooperation between mobile app developers, QA, and operations – making the agile release of high-quality mobile apps a reality.”

Capgemini and Experitest began their formal collaboration in the mobile testing space in 2015.

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