Parasoft releases new features for API testing and virtualization

Test tool vendor adds functionality to SOAtest and Virtualize products, improving access to data and shifting performance testing left.

Parasoft, a developer of test tools for quality assurance with headquarters in California, has expanded the functions of its SOAtest tool for API testing, as well as its Virtualize product for service virtualization. Users of Microsoft Visual Studio – a development environment that has in-built support for 36 languages including C and C++ – will be able to access the new functionalities.

The new features are designed to improve ease-of-use and streamline workflows. They include granting greater access to users through a thin client interface which allows teams to initiate testing more quickly, as well as providing quicker access to test data to enable a data-driven approach to testing.

The new features also support left-shifting performance testing so that it can be carried out earlier on in the development lifecycle. Test results can then be accessed through an online dashboard.

Craig Kitterman, director of Microsoft Visual Studio product marketing for developer tools and cloud services, said that he was excited to be partnering with Parasoft. “Teams embracing DevOps face the daunting task of automating API testing and testing against dependencies,” said Kitterman. “With Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers can easily construct advanced end-to-end test scenarios and simulate complex systems interactions against unavailable or incomplete dependencies.”

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