Radware awarded DDoS certification from ICSA

DefensePro cyber security technology meets testing body standards for DDoS mitigation.

In a first, the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) Labs, a testing body that is a division of Verizon, the US telecoms firm has certified Radware, the Nasdaq-listed cyber-security firm, for its DDoS mitigation technology. ICSA Labs audited Radware’s DDoS detection and mitigation scenarios, and found that they were: “thoughtfully designed and properly executed.” DefensePro, Radware’s DDoS mitigation device that also protects against malware spread and information theft, is the first DDoS technology to be tested by ICSA Labs.

The ICSA Lab report noted that DefensePro successfully detected and protected against 30 different attack scenarios, that included both application layer DDoS, brute force attacks, and SSL.

ICSA Labs conducted an audit both on-site and virtually of Radware’s execution of the standardized DDoS proof of concept, and favourably note that: “the attack tools and techniques included in the test plan represent the misuse of resources, both at the IP network layer and application layer, that has been reported in ‘in-the-wild’ attack campaigns in recent years.”

Jack Walsh, new initiatives and mobility programs manager at ICSA Labs, said that: “ICSA Labs recognizes Radware’s commitment to delivering high quality security products,” adding that: “ICSA Labs found that Radware’s DefensePro technology tests were thoughtfully designed and properly executed confirming that its DDoS product adequately addresses and mitigates DDoS attacks.”

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