Round-up: Regulatory and Company News

SEC approves more stringent rules for clock synchronisation

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) proposed revision to clock synchronisation standards for systems that trade equities or securities. Previously, clocks were required to be synchronised to the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock with an accuracy of one second. The new standard requires trading systems to have clock accuracy in the 50 millisecond range. The regulation will come into effect on August 15th, and financial firms will have six months — until February 20, 2017 — to meet the standard. FINRA’s regulatory notice can be found here.

EU Parliament adopts the Network and Information Security Directive

On July 6 the European Parliament formally adopted the Network and Information Security Directive. The European legislation will force organisations that are considered “operators of essential services”, a category that includes banks and exchanges, to report any network security breaches to their relevant national body, which will be known as Computer Security Incident Response Teams. EU member states have 21 months after the Directive is published in the Official Journal of the European Union to pass legislation that implements the directive. You can read the text of the directive here.

Partnership between test firms to result in integration of automation and management tools

London-based test automation specialist TestPlant has announced a strategic partnership with QASymphony, a software company based in Atlanta. The partnership involves the integration of eggPlant, an automation tool that TestPlant created, with QASymphony’s qTest management tool. TestPlant’s eggPlant is designed to automatically execute functional tests, while qTest allows software teams to keep track and manage tests. The testing firms say that together users will be able to: “Seamlessly execute, monitor, and analyze the results of eggPlant automated tests from within the qTest platform.” The tools are designed to be used in a DevOps and agile environment.

Infostretch test management tool on Atlassian

US software development firm Infostretch has released QMetry, a new test management tool, on the Atlassian online marketplace. QMetry is designed as an add-on to Atlassian’s own widely-used JIRA, a product designed to help development teams keep track of bugs throughout the app development cycle. According to Infostretch, the tool was built to help QA teams start testing earlier on in the app development process in order to implement a ‘shift left’ approach.

LogiGear tools up for continuous testing

Californian testing company LogiGear has released a test automation tool, called Continuous Testing and designed for DevOps environments. The tool will provide a unified platform for reporting and collaboration as well and it is designed to help firms achieve continuous testing with legacy systems.

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