Sandhata Technologies becomes a DevOps consultancy

Gary Thornhill (pictured), general manager at Sandhata Technologies, said that a company review concluded that it was necessary to expand focus on service virtualisation to include DevOps; company partners with XebiaLabs for help with tooling.

Sandhata Technologies, a London-based technology consultancy that previously specialised in service virtualization implementations, has expanded its focus to include DevOps transformations. As part of this shift, the firm has partnered with XebiaLabs, a DevOps tooling specialist. The company has a focus on clients in the financial sector, which include RBS, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of America.

Gary Thornhill, general manager at Sandhata Technologies, said that a strategic review had concluded that the broader embrace of DevOps was in line with the transitions large banks are undertaking. “Banks do not go shopping for service virtualization. When it comes to technology implementation, a CIO does not get involved at that level of granularity,” he said.

“There are two main drivers for DevOps: time to market and cost savings. Financial technology start-ups are putting tremendous pressure on traditional players. If established banks, dragged down by their legacy systems, want to stay competitive, they have to be able to deliver faster,” said Thornhill. “The second driver is cost-savings. IT budgets are being squeezed – automation is an up-front investment, but it delivers savings when done properly.”

Part of that transition to DevOps might include service virtualization, but it also means automating software release and deployment – which is where XebiaLabs comes in. Under the partnership agreement Sandhata Technologies is licensed to provide the XebiaLabs release and deployment automation platform.

According to Thornhill automating release and deployment is a good starting-point when carrying out a DevOps transformation because it produces a: “Heat-map of the organisation. You can pinpoint bottlenecks”.

Thornhill said that release and deployment automation provides valuable performance indicators which allow management to make decisions based on real data. “A test-cycle might be slow because you do not have access to a server, for example.”

The next step is to use those analytics to make a business case to the CIO for projects like service virtualization or test automation.

Coert Baart, senior vice president of EMEA/APAC for XebiaLabs said: “Sandhata offer both expertise in managing complex DevOps implementations and impressive consultancy experience gained from working with financial organizations to meet their specific needs. We’re excited to partner with them to better serve the UK financial market in its ongoing DevOps transformation.”


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