Singapore’s QAssure launches crowd-testing platform

QA TestBox allows customers to engage certified testers with domain specific knowledge across the world.

Singapore-based testing firm QAssure Technologies has launched QA TestBox, an enterprise crowd-testing platform. The cloud-based solution allows firms to engage geographically dispersed professionals to test an application or product. All testers are trained and certified by QAssure Technologies.
According to QAssure Technologies, the solution is ideal for financial firms, because it includes a sandbox technology that allows for temporary access to an enterprise’s systems which can be quickly shut-down once testing is over. The testing firm has also attained ISO certification for the information security management.

Testers that work on the platform have been trained and taught domain specific knowledge, as well as worked on legacy and modern platforms as well as automation suites and tools. Testers undergo periodic review to make sure that their skills are current, so that companies are guaranteed testers with the most up-to-date experience possible.

The technology allows for companies using the service to create cloud-based sandboxes where testers can code and test securely and which can then be shutdown once testing has finished.

QA TestBox services include: functional testing, UI/UX testing, performance testing, mobile testing, test automation, application programming interface (API) testing, Internet of Things (IoT) testing and security testing. QA TestBox integrates with industry-specific testing solutions.
“The platform connects experienced, qualified testers to small and medium enterprises, including fintech firms,” said Durairaj Dhanasekaran, CEO of QAssure. “It is a one-stop solution that addresses customers’ testing requirements and is based on ten years of domain and specialised testing services. With QA TestBox, we aim to set a new industry standard through stringent evaluation of testers and ensuring customers’ intellectual properties are protected.”

Customers can choose between two different pricing models: self-service and managed services, according to QAssure. The self-service model provides a set number of testers for a pre-defined duration (either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly) at a fixed cost.
The managed service model offers customised services delivered through the cloud. Project and delivery managers support testers to make sure that testing meets customer requirements and business goals.

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