SQS launches version 2.0 of its Industrialised Managed Service

Quality services provider SQS releases new global delivery model that includes artificial intelligence platform

SQS, a quality assurance consultancy with headquarters in Cologne and that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, has launched the latest version of its Industrialised Managed Service (iMS 2.0). The new service now includes a ‘Quality Intelligence Platform’ (QiP), which makes use of artificial intelligence to offer analytics in real time. The solution includes a bundle of core services that can also be customised for specific needs.

According to the company, iMS 2.0 is build with industry-specific business knowledge, and the solution has built-in features adapted to relevant regulations of each industry.

According to Diederik Vos, SQS CEO, companies looking to increase their time to market will benefit from the increased automation provided by iMS 2.0. “It will provide organisations with the efficiency and flexibility required to deliver into the rapidly changing markets,” said Voss. “We have combined iMS 2.0 with machine-based learning and artificial intelligence capabilities based on proven standard methodologies and technology platforms. All SQS delivery centres around the world will use iMS 2.0 as the core industrialised delivery model.”

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