TCS releases Cloud environment for testing and development

Tata Consultancy Services will support its ‘Engineering Environment as a Service’ product on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Indian technology consultancy giant TCS has launched what it is calling ‘Engineering Environment as a Service’, a Cloud-based environment for application development and testing on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat – based in North Carolina – provides open-source software to companies and offers a version of the OpenStack infrastructure as a service platform for Cloud computing.

The TCS Cloud environment is designed to enable testers and developers in geographically dispersed locations to access a self-service environment where they can write and verify code. The service can be scaled up and down to meet changing demand. The platform also includes service assurance capabilities in order to monitor infrastructure parameters and to allow auto-recovery in case of failure.  

TCS said that the tool will help business find efficiencies by lowering costs for infrastructure and reducing operational costs.   

“Digital transformation is predicated on scalability at nearly every level of enterprise IT, including research and development and test environments,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, OpenStack, at Red Hat. “Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides a scalable, flexible foundation for a variety of mission-critical workloads, and we are pleased that TCS is building on it to enable customers in their digital transformation journey.”

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