Australian bank moves towards continuous delivery

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank chooses TestPlant’s tool for automated testing, reduces test time by 80%

TestPlant's Antony Edwards

TestPlant’s Antony Edwards worked with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

The Australian Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has chosen TestPlant’s eggPlant tool to implement automated testing. The test automation project, which began in Q2 of this year, was conducted in cooperation with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The implementation enabled Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to move from manual testing to automated testing and continuous delivery.

The eggPlant tool is designed to automatically execute end-to-end functional tests across multiple platforms and channels. Edwards said this is critical because: “Many banking test-cases involve performing an operation, such as a transfer, on one mobile device and then seeing that operation on another mobile device or a desktop, as well as on a database on the server and at a back-end admin console.”

TCS used the TestPlant tool in a proof of concept test automation project for a mobile app. It has since been rolled out across the whole mobile banking area, as well as in online banking and database systems.

Since implementation, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has, in cooperation with TCS, reduced testing time per app release by 80% (from 110 hours of tester time when testing manually to 22 hours when using automated testing). It has also achieved a 30% increase in the number of functional defects identified and reduced time to market, with regression testing taking four days instead of 13.

Kevin Dole, head of technology services at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, said that the TestPlant tool was chosen because: “We needed to reduce the bottlenecks caused by manual testing, especially for our mobile applications, which are increasingly challenging due to diversity of devices, the number of regression tests required, and frequent upgrades.”

“As a technology and platform agnostic solution, eggPlant Functional was a great fit for this project,” he added.


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