Capgemini launches dedicated test automation platform for financial services

Intelligent Test Automation will use robotic advisors to achieve faster releases, says French consulting and outsourcing services firm

Confirming a trend toward the test service integration platforms dedicated to the needs of financial firms, Capgemini has launched its Intelligent Test Automation Platform. The new platform combines a range of tools supplied by Capgemini, including robotic advisors to optimise test coverage and speed up releases, while bringing down costs, the firm said.

By combining multiple services and tools on the “seamless and integrated” platform, client firms will be able to run multiple parallel and run those tests on their premises, in the cloud, or on designated servers.

According to Govind Muthukrishnan, head of financial testing services at Capgemini: “Our platform intelligently connects and integrates assets so financial institutions know what to test and how much more and how long, eliminating waste in the testing lifecycle resulting in potential overall QA savings of between 20% to 30%.”

Muthukrishnan added that the platform will speed up testing processes by using unit tests results, code coverage analysis and algorithms to target testing so that resources can be deployed where they are most needed. It also allows testers to schedule series of tests and create a full testing plan.

The automation platform is designed to be compliant with Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) standards said Capgemini. These guidelines are designed to help developers create easy to integrate software.

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