HPE releases new version of Mobile Center

New tool integrates with Amazon Device Farm for mobile cloud testing.

Technology vendor Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has released a new version of its mobile testing platform, Mobile Center 2.0. This latest version will integrate with the Amazon Device Farm on Amazon Web Services.

The HPE Mobile Center facilitates the monitoring and execution of security, manual, functional, and performance testing by providing a single platform to manage testing, both on premise and on the cloud.

Amazon Device Farm integration allows the HPE Mobile Center to manage testing for mobile apps on real devices in the cloud. The Amazon service allows for testing on a wide range of devices without having to commit to buying every model, and without having to rely on virtual emulators that might not accurately simulate the app.

Marco Argenti, Vice President of Mobile and IoT at Amazon Web Services, said: “By integrating with AWS Device Farm, HPE Mobile Center enables streamlined development and testing, and lets developers test the real user experience of their apps across multiple device types at scale.”

The HPE Mobile Center integrates with the Appium and Selenium open-source software testing tools as well as a number of HPE tools, including: Fortify on Demand, Sprinter, Unified Functional Testing, LeanFT, LoadRunner, StormRunner Load, HPE Performance Center and Network Virtualization.

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