Paragon and RS Software partner to test digital payments

US testing firm and Indian software developer will work together to provide financial firms with technologies to automate testing of payments systems.

Paragon Application Systems, the North Carolina-based provider of testing services for financial firm, announced that it will partner with India’s RS Software, a company that develops technologies for digital payments.

The partners say that they will work together to meet the growing demand for next-generation automated testing solutions in payments, as financial firms transition away from legacy systems.

Paragon already provides tools to automate end-to-end testing of payments systems and ATM networks. RS Software will use its knowledge of high performance networks to help Paragon deploy its testing solutions, said a Paragon spokesperson.

Raj Jain, chairman of RS Software, said: “The majority of payments testing today involves quality assurance staff manually running isolated tests using desktop tools located in physical labs. Because this manual method forces testers to conduct a wide array of tests in an attempt to locate critical errors – something akin to shooting in the dark at times – often only around 20% or less of the desired scenarios are actually tested, leaving entirely too much to chance.” Jain added that he hoped the partnership with Paragon will allow companies to improve test coverage in the field of payments.

Jim Perry, CEO of Paragon, said that testing methodologies have not been able to keep up with a payments landscape has become increasingly complex due to a proliferation of devices and apps and increased regulatory oversight. “It has created a glaring discrepancy that we aim to correct,” said Perry.  


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