Software AG launches DevOps tool

Financial firms can benefit from closer collaboration between development and operations team, says German developer.

Navdeep Sidhu, senior director of product marketing, Software AG

Navdeep Sidhu, Software AG

Frankfurt-based technology firm Software AG has released a tool for the development, testing, integration and deployment of new software. The company said that the product, called webMethods DevOps Edition, was created to speed up app launches and help firms implementing a DevOps methodology

Navdeep Sidhu, senior director of product marketing at Software AG, said that webMethods DevOps Edition is aimed at banking and insurance firms adopting agile practice. He believes that a variety of factors are driving financial firms to adopt DevOps, including their acquisitions of smaller fintech-based ventures, increased competition, and the launch of innovative programs separate from banks’ core business. This, said Sidhu, has created a demand for products that enable faster releases and better communication between development and operations team.

Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer, Software AG, said that webMethods DevOps Edition will foster collaboration between development and operations by using a variety of communication, collaboration and integration tools. “By closing the gap between these two disparate groups, companies can bring new features to market faster, create a more stable operating environment, and ultimately spend more time on adding further value to their apps rather than being stuck in continuous maintenance and bug-fix mode,” he added.

Software AG highlighted webMethods DevOps Edition’s ‘unplugged’ test feature, which allows developers to even when disconnected from the server. It also includes a service virtualisation feature that allows for applications that access external resources to be tested without being connected to the network. Instead, webMethods simulates the connection to allows tests to be conducted without needing to access any external resources.

The company said that pricing will depend on the size of the development team using the tool.

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