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QA Wolf launches new automation tool to drive down costs

Jon Perl is the CEO of QA Wolf
Jon Perl is the CEO of QA Wolf

Seattle-based software testing provider QA Wolf has launched a new platform that is aimed at giving automated testing a major boost.

Called ‘QA as a service’, the solution should help financial services firms, particularly smaller players, to help reduce costs while ramping up their testing efforts by running tests more often without any pressure on resources.

The tool introduces an automated testing regime, explained Jon Perl, CEO of QA Wolf, which was founded five years ago.

Reducing costs

The former Zipdrug engineer stressed that in-house QA functions or outsourcing testing automation to external providers often drive up costs for many smaller finance firms.

The new platform aims to combine all major QA tasks, namely test creation, host infrastructure and maintenance, thereby reducing costs.

In fact, Perl claimed that case studies have shown that his firm’s customers save close to $500,000 per year in QA engineering costs while they are able to up their test coverage to just over 80%.

“For executives and technical leaders, this ensures that there is a user experience that is free of bugs, for a fraction of the cost of how QA was historically done,” he noted.

QA Wolf was launched in 2019 and has seen rapid growth since then. The Washington state-based startup claims it is able to get web apps to 80% automated end-to-end test coverage within a matter of weeks.

A number of banks, financial institutions and other finserv firms use the firm to speed up their app testing.


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