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Research Review: Improved GUI test case reuse


Enhancing test reuse with GUI events deduplication and adaptive semantic matching”, a paper authored by Shuqi Liu et al. and published in volume 232 of the Science of Computer Programming Journal (27th October, 2023), proposes Test Reuse Enhancer for android applications (TREADROID) as a novel framework for enhancing test reuse in graphical user interface testing (GUI) of mobile applications, thus reducing the testing burden.  

The article begins with a comprehensive overview of current reuse approaches for reducing the  burden for GUI testing of mobile applications. Liu et al. claim that recently developed approaches which rely upon matching event sequences for determining test scenario similarity result in inaccurate matches.

TREADROID uses a deduplication strategy for GUI events designed to reduce redundancy in tests, enhancing the precision of event matching, as employing a two-stage matching strategy that searches for target tests with functionality closer to the source tests. 

Liu et al. found that the TREADROID framework demonstrated significant improvements over existing methods. Experiments conducted on 25 popular open-source Android applications showed that TREADROID’s adaptive semantic matching strategy improves test-case mapping performance. They concluded that the TREADROID framework reduced the manual effort required for testing teams to create tests for similar applications.