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Research Review: Metamorphic testing for banks


An Approach to Testing Banking Software Using Metamorphic Relations”, a paper authored by Karishma Rahman and Clemente Izurieta, and published in the proceedings of the 24th Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration for Data Science (30th August 2023), discusses the use of metamorphic testing in the functional testing of banking software.

Metamorphic testing is a methodology for testing softwares by altering original input data in specific ways and then checking if the software’s output changes as expected. 

Rahman and Izurieta highlight the difficulties associated with the testing of banking software due to the complexity of each system and their interconnections, and propose metamorphic testing as a potential tool for mitigating these difficulties.

The paper suggests and evaluates a series of metamorphic relations that can be used as a basis for the metamorphic testing of two example banking functions: making a deposit, and making a withdrawal or bank transfer. Rahman and Izurieta found that generating test cases according to their set of metamorphic relations, resulted in the detection of 75% of mutated functions, which they claim indicates the banking software fault detection capability of their proposed approach.

Future proposed work includes the examination of more complex banking functions, and improving the automation capability of the metamorphic testing approach.

Full details available here.