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SmartBear Introduces New TestComplete UI Testing Tool


Test automation specialist SmartBear has added new capabilities to its TestComplete platform, most notably object recognition for UI testing. According to SmartBear, TestComplete’s so-called Hybrid Object Recognition Engine, incorporates AI, as well as property-based object recognition. This, the company claims, allows the software to detect previously untestable application components, but maintains the reliability of the software, by mitigating the potential of the machine learning algorithm to make mistakes as it learns. The new tool is aimed at organizations which own and manage several applications, including web, desktop, mobile, packaged and mainframe software. The software is able to test key components such as charts, mainframe terminals and PDFs, SmartBear claims. SmartBear VP of Product, Test and Development Ryan Lloyd, states that the Hybrid Object Recognition Engine introduces “a level of intelligence not seen before in the UI Test Automation tools market.” TestComplete 12.6 also includes support for Angular and React, which empowers teams to test applications built with modern JavaScript frameworks that use custom attributes which often cause object recognition accuracy issues.