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Veracode launches new code tool


Veracode, the Massachusetts-headquartered code quality specialist, has launched DAST essentials, an automatic code scanning tool which uses a large language model to suggest vulnerability remediations in applications. 

DAST essentials will sit alongside the Veracode GitHub App, and allows for automatic scanning whenever code is added to a GitHub repository. 

Commenting on the announcement, chief product officer at Veracode, Brian Roche [pictured], said: “Developers are assembling code just as much as they’re writing it, meaning even the most meticulously built applications are susceptible to threat. To protect the software supply chain, modern application development demands a paradigm shift in security practices.”

Large language models (LLMs) are advanced AI programmes that process and generate text, learning from vast amounts of data to understand and predict language patterns. LLMs are also able to generate code and have been employed in the automatic generation of software test scripts.

Veracode was acquired by TA Associates, a Massachusetts-headquartered private equity firm, at a valuation of $2.5 billion in March 2022. 

[Image Source: Veracode]