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Accenture Ties Up with Tricentis on DevOps for SAP


Test automation specialist Tricentis has just announced a new integration between its Tosca platform and Accenture’s DevOps Platform (ADOP) for SAP. ADOP offers a plug-and-play set of tools for enterprises using SAP software, to accelerate their development and deployment. The Accenture DevOps platform integrates with various environments, and tools for development, testing, monitoring, and integration. The platform, according to Accenture, is designed to “help select the right blend of tools and infrastructure solutions to meet the organisation’s needs.” Among these tools, Accenture customers will now be able to access SAP software test automation via Tricentis Tosca. Tricentis already has a number of technology partnerships with Accenture, including an integration between Tosca and the Accenture’s own automation platform, MyWizard. This new tie-up will help expand Tricentis’ already considerable reach with enterprises using SAP software, as well as deepen the relationship between the Insight Venture Partners-owned automation specialist and the Indian consultancy.