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Accesa Consolidates IT Businesses Under One Brand


Managed IT services provider Accesa has consolidated its operations – Accesa IT Consulting, Accesa IT Systems and Accesa Schweiz, under a single entity, called Accesa Group. The company has reorganised, following the acquisition of shares previously owned by Alegri in the Accesa IT Systems company. The Accesa IT Consulting company has been moved to the Accesa IT Group GmbH in Munich. This consolidation process is complemented by the strategic partnership in the financial industry with Audicon GmbH, a company with which Accesa Group now shares 10.01% of its shares, but also with the opening of a new Business Unit in Munich, Germany. These activities are a result of the Accesa’s strategy to strengthen its position on the European market as an IT service provider through a portfolio of solutions and services that respond to the current digitalisation needs of businesses. The company states that these actions aim to develop an even closer relationship with businesses while facilitating an individual and personalised approach to delivery. To see Accesa’s entry in the Vector 500, click here.