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AI-based testing for customer apps: The future is faster


Join us online on June 29th at 4.00 pm EST (11.00am BST) for our interview with Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO of Applitools.



It’s always interesting to hear the insights and predictions of innovators in software development, but especially so in Gil’s case. Applitools core technology is based on AI-based algorithms that  emulate the human eye and brain to test application pages, breaking down images of those pages to automatically detect differences and faults. Applitools says that its platform can speed up testing by a factor of 20x, and the company was named by Deloitte in 2021 as the fastest growing software testing company in North America.

Applitools has been winning new customers from financial firms in large part because of the demand created by open banking and increasing competition retail brokerage for a “flawless” customer experience, says Sever.

Compliance requirements are another driver of demand. “The challenge of compliance is that every screen and every item of print, every document and PDF form,  has to be checked,” says Sever. “That is where the acceleration of testing times becomes so important.”

“AI simply catches more bugs, so when you release you release with more confidence. You have tested your software from your user’s point of view. Applitools mimics your customers’ eyes.”

While many leading banks and insurance companies are trying to scale back on the number of external vendors they use for software development, and reduce their dependence on large-scale infrastructure, Gil Sever says, that plays to Applitools strength as a platform that can sit alongside existing tools, says Sever.  “Our interface can add visual testing to existing test platforms and we are compatible with growing security requirements because we do not require a reverse VPN [virtual private network, for data].”

In our Q&A session with Gil, we’ll be deeper into the topic of how financial firms large and small can accelerate their DevOps journeys, with Cloud-based AI and containerization technologies especially. And how they can extract the maximum RoI from new testing technologies and deliver better software, faster.  

And we’ll be leaving plenty of time for your questions, which Gill will be answering live in our webcast.

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