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Atlassian launches Jira Product Discovery


Atlassian, the Sydney headquartered software company, has announced the open beta launch of its Jira Product Discovery tool, with general availability expected before the end of the first half of 2023.

The platform is designed to help teams prioritise and collaborate on new product ideas and sits within the Jira product ecosystem. Atlassian claims that three-quarters of product managers struggle to determine the true value of their product for their customers and therefore product discovery is becoming an essential part of the software development lifecycle.

“Most software teams already have really good and efficient processes in place for building code, the delivery stage and the operation stage of software development. And we can really thank the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps and, of course, the number one software development tool, Jira Software, for that,” said Megan Cook, Atlassian’s head of product for its agile solutions (pictured). “But in the discovery phase, it’s a bit of a mess, it’s a lack of structure, it’s not clear what’s going on”.

The Jira Product Discovery tool will help to combat this by enabling all team members to suggest, collaborate, provide insight and vote on potential product ideas, said Atlassian. It will also provide native integrations with external research and feedback tools such as internet browsers and customer research platforms.


[Image Source: Atlassian]