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Exactpro and GeoSTQB partner with GASQ


Exactpro and GeoSTQB – a local International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ITSQB) board member – recently announced a partnership with the Global Association for Software Quality (GASQ).

The partnership brings a network of over 250 partners across 60 countries to software quality assurance professionals based in Georgia.

“Software testing is all about continuous and relentless learning,” according to Iosif Itkin, co-CEO of Exactpro Systems. “We are happy that the Georgian quality assurance community is now able to get the knowledge they need to efficiently drive the country’s IT landscape towards innovation.”

The announcement comes in light of Exactpro’s decision to migrate its bespoke suite of test tools – Sailfish, Shsha Load Injector, ClearTH and Minirobots – to a new microservices based platform.

Quality leaders at financial firms can benefit from this suite of tools by using:

  • Sailfish, an active, real-time tool for testing exchange, MTF, broker or post-trade systems.
  • Shsha, a passive, post-transactional testing tool for backend systems and compliance.
  • Load Injector, a load generator built to stress test high-load trading infrastructures.
  • ClearTH, a test harness for executing multiple test scenarios on post-trade systems.
  • Minirobots, an active multi-participant tool for simulating the behaviour of market actors and systemic responses.

By supporting the continuing professional development of the local software quality assurance community and migrating its suite of testing products to microservices, Exactpro may well be able to support firms in resolving the micro versus miniservices conundrum.