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Journey to full DevOps incomplete, in some cases unsuitable


Firms are driving towards full DevOps, in an endeavour to break down development and operations silos, but in many areas that matter, there are bumps along the road.

Based on conversations with 115 delegates at our third eCommerce forum in London, QA Vector® Research finds that more than half of firms claim to have passed the half-way point of their DevOps transformation.  However, more than a quarter of firms indicate they remain waterfall in QA.

“Being waterfall in QA requires us to constantly hit a moving target, as the development team practices Agile,” said the Head of QA at a UK eCommerce firm. But it also delivers stability. Creating this competitive tension between QA and Dev enables us to be certain of our regulatory commitments.”

So, firms find themselves adopting a hybrid model for software delivery.

As QA Vector® Research asserted in June 2019, software leaders often struggle to engage the business in DevOps transformations

If the promise of full DevOps was in delivering better software to market faster, then the reality is lagging. 

To achieve the benefits promised by the shift towards full DevOps, firms should seek to engage stakeholders from the business, articulate cost and effort benefits and redouble efforts to break down delivery silos.