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LeadingMile expands TARA testing solution to include Salesforce

Martijn Voorhaar
Martijn Voorhaar

LeadingMile Consulting, a European technology consultancy and software firm for the financial sector, told QA Financial it has rolled out a Salesforce solution linked to its existing TARA testing platform.

The platform provides a Salesforce variant for TARA’s automated testing and robotisation capabilities, which the Amsterdam-based firm describes as “a cutting edge, out-of-the-box, modular test automation tool.”

When asked to elaborate, LeadingMile chief executive and co-founder of Martijn Voorhaar said this means that TARA has the unique capability to add other relevant systems in an automated fashion.

“TARA can be used to test any web-based application used by fund managers”, he added.

“The significance of the release means we will be able to handle more CRM systems, including Salesforce,” Voorhaar stressed.

“Implementing changes and upgrades to systems is known for being complex and labour intensive, especially for customizable systems.”

– Martijn Voorhaar

Moreover, Voorhaar said the tool has the “unique feature” to add any customization to the TARA repository and use it for quick starts with out-of-the-box testing.

“Its primary feature could be automatically adapted to customizations and contains pre-configured tests and building blocks,” Voorhaar explained.

Finally, he stressed the efficiency element of the new product.

“Implementing changes and upgrades to systems is known for being complex and labour intensive, especially for customizable systems,” he said.

“TARA ensures that tests are delivered across all critical components of an organisation’s operations. The tool supports automated testing across any web application, and provides insight into potential issues,” he concluded.

Apart from Amsterdam, LeadingMile also has offices in London and Belgrade. The firm serves a range of financial services clients, primarily in the alternative investment space, including banks, asset managers, family offices, fund managers, private equity, and investment firms.


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