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Micro Focus Buys Out Cybersecurity Start-up Interset


Micro Focus has acquired Canadian machine learning and behaviour analytics specialist Interset to drive deeper data insights and strengthen its cybersecurity business. The software giant wants to use the startup’s capabilities to aid in threat detection and analysis, according to a press release. “We’re bringing in some industry-leading analytics and domain expertise that will enhance the technologies we already have,” said Joe Garber, Micro Focus’s global head of strategy and solutions. The deal follows a close collaboration of more than a year between Micro Focus and Interset, as part of an OEM arrangement. As a result, Interset was exposed to Micro Focus’s people and culture, determining that both organizations are very focused on engineering, said Ross Sonnabend, Interset’s SVP of strategy and operations. Sonnabend will lead Interset’s operations within Micro Focus since Interset CEO Mark Smialowicz will be stepping away from the company.