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Mindtree to Reshape Strategy Around Business Subscriptions


IT and outsourcing provider Mindtree is sharpening its focus on AI and software solutions that it can provide to users on a subscription basis. The driver behind this strategy is a shakeup in the services sector, which the company expects will unfold over the coming five years. The Bengaluru-based IT firm comes at a time when over 50% of its income is made up of digital services. This, according to a Mindtree press release, has led to unsustainable growth, as clients demand increasing productivity at lower costs. The company has already developed solutions targeted at solving specific problems of a client that it can take to other clients. “I believe that is the way our company will develop over the coming 5 Years,” Ravanan claimed. “Saas is less than 1% of our income currently. In the coming 5 Years, the company will majorly move to a subscription model.”