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Mobile Labs launches “self-service” testing environment


Mobile Labs, the Atlanta-based mobile testing service provider, has launched GigaFox StarterKit which it says will provide developers and testers with “instant access” to real device testing. GigaFox StarterKit will be hosted privately in the Cloud and is a smaller version of Mobile Lab’s existing enterprise-level solution, GigaFox. It will enable testing professionals to perform continuous automated testing with DevOps integration and in-built support, while eliminating the waiting time and per-minute charges often associated with shared public cloud offerings.  Like Mobile Labs’ previous device clouds, GigaFox StarterKit will be aimed primarily at larger firms, including banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and HSBC Holdings.  “We saw an opportunity in the market to empower enterprise mobility professionals by offering a self-service environment of a similar caliber as our enterprise-level mobile device cloud GigaFox,” said Angela Culver, Chief Marketing Officer at Mobile Labs.  “Even if a customer has no idea what they need in terms of testing, StarterKit is a quick and secure way to get their feet wet and ensure that mobile apps are operating efficiently and effectively with minimal overhead. We look forward to continuing helping teams of all sizes access real devices for testing so they can continue to offer consumers the best mobile experience.”