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New Relic adds AI to observability platform


New Relic, the San-Francisco headquartered observability software specialist, has partnered with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence research lab Open AI to add generative artificial intelligence – which it has dubbed New Relic Grok – to its New Relic One observability platform. They claim that this addition will enable natural language querying of collected telemetry data and reduce the barrier to entry for use of their software.

Generative AI utilises large language models to generate new and unique content based on patterns in data they have been trained on. 

Commenting on the launch, director of developer relations for New Relic Jemiah Sius said: “New Relic Grok will make the New Relic One platform more accessible to a wider range of IT professionals, especially those that haven’t mastered New Relic’s proprietary programming language that enables DevOps teams to identify the root cause of an issue.” But he added that he “doesn’t anticipate that generative AI will eliminate the need for site reliability engineers to use its programming tool to solve more complex problems.”

[Image Source: OpenAI]