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Pia buys Triafy and names founder Gerwai Todd new CEO

New group CEO Gerwai Todd
New group CEO Gerwai Todd

Florida-based IT services company Pia told QA Financial it has struck a deal with AI language tester Triafy to buy the latter.

The takeover does not mean Triafy founder Gerwai Todd will retire or be out of a job. In fact, he has been appointed as the new CEO of Pia post-merger.

Todd will succeed Pia’s founding CEO Christian Pacheco, the company confirmed.

Christian Pacheco
Christian Pacheco

Pia, which was founded in Tampa in 2022, provides AI-led testing solutions for managed services providers. The company currently has around 1000 employees listed on LinkedIn.

In recent years the firm made a name for itself by signing up a number of big banking and financial services clients for which it provided tech services including intelligent automation, software testing, machine learning, automation, NLP, SaaS, IT support, as well as enterprise IT service management.

Meanwhile, the smaller firm Triafy is also based in Tampa. With just under 20 employees, it has steadily grown since it was first founded in 2019.

Triafy is billed as an ‘AI triage product’, meaning the company’s natural language AI chatbot empowers IT dispatchers with triage documentation, ensuring “they are asking the right questions to consistently capture necessary service ticket information,” as Todd put it.

Todd, who also serves as CEO of TimeZest, which helps MSPs schedule meetings through a PSA integration, said he was “proud.”

“Pia has set the standard as the trailblazer in MSP AI-led automation.”

– Gerwai Todd

“What they have achieved over the last 18 months since launch is nothing short of phenomenal, and I look forward lead the next phase of the company’s growth as we continue to mature as a platform and as a business.”

Todd will not give up his role at TimeZest and instead maintain dual leadership roles.

Meanwhile, outgoing CEO Pacheco praised his successor, saying “what Gerwai brings to the table is unparalleled experience in growing and scaling a business, but not only that, given our history of being born and bred out of an MSPs for MSPs, Gerwai understands the challenges that MSP owners face and how they can benefit from automation.”

Pacheco revealed that “we spent a considerable amount of time searching for the right leader to take Pia forward, and in Gerwai, we have found a natural fit with his experience and vision. I’m excited for what we can achieve with him at the helm.”

Pia will continue to be based in Tampa, Florida, as well as Wollongong, NSW, Australia, he concluded.

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