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Six firms launch AI group ‘to guide’ finserv space

Alexis Rockenbach, the newly appointed global CEO of AI/R
Alexis Rockenbach, the newly appointed global CEO of AI/R

AI and tech firms AvenueCode, Compass UOL, Edgy, Everymind, Invillia, and Webjump are teaming up to bundle their artificial intelligence expertise in technology consultancy and digital service models by launching a new AI-focused industry group, the companies told QA Financial.

In an emailed statement, they labelled the new group, to be called AI/R, “a strategic combination of innovation and expertise” that may service a number of industries more efficiently, such as banking, fintech, financial services and insurance.

Alexis Rockenbach, the newly appointed global CEO of AI/R, explained that the initiative “propels the industry towards a new paradigm where AI is intricately woven into every facet of engagement and digital infrastructures.”

He stressed that the AI/R Group is set “to guide” the financial services sector into the AI transformation through a network of “proprietary technologies, groundbreaking initiatives, and a cadre of over 5,000 AI and Gen AI-certified experts dedicated to fostering a vibrant AI future.”

Services include AI app testing, quality control, transformation processes, digital consultancy and strategy planning.

“Conquering the global AI disruption demands an innovative approach that transcends traditional business models.”

Alexis Rockenbach

The AI veteran added: “By integrating AI into its identity, AI/R symbolises its commitment to leading a unified front that capitalizes on the diverse capabilities and business intelligence of its independent companies to put AI at the forefront of every digital interaction.”

Rockenbach went on to highlight the strengths and authoritative presence each company contributes to this venture. 

He affirmed that “conquering the global AI disruption demands an innovative approach that transcends traditional business models, and AI/R is poised to guide their clients to excel in this transformative era.”


The AI/R Group’s membership includes Compass UOL, offering AI testing solutions, and AvenueCode, a San Francisco-based digital transformation consultancy specialised in cloud driven AI-Augmented Software Engineering testing solutions for banks and financial services.

Invillia is also among its members, offering digital testing solutions that offers AI accelerators, as well as Everymind, a Salesforce partner delivering AI-infused CRM solutions.

Finally, also part of the new group are EdgyLabs, a brand performance AI innovation that focuses on reliability tests as well as Webjump, which platform aims to disrupt digital experiences through AI.

“AI/R’s foundational vision was laid down in 2020 following strategic acquisitions by Compass UOL, gearing up for a global strategy,” Rockenbach explained.

“Today, across the six companies, AI/R envisions a future where AI positively reshapes our world. Their distinctive business model fosters a collaborative environment that connects premier AI-enhanced digital talent with R&D, aiming to uplift the human experience and drive societal progress,” he concluded.

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