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Tabnine adds generative AI


Tabnine, the Tel Aviv-headquartered code automation specialist, has announced the beta release of its generative AI testing tool named Tabnine Chat. The offering will make it simpler for developers to use its test automation platform, the company said.

Generative AI utilises large language models to generate new and unique content based on patterns found in training data. The addition of generative AI to the Tabnine test automation platform will: “Allow developers to interact with Tabnine’s AI models in a flexible free-form way, using natural language”, the company said.

Tabnine claims that the introduction of its Tabnine Chat offering will provide clear benefits to customers using its platform:

  • Better understanding and explanation of existing code.

  • Knowledge proliferation and increased accessibility of the code base.

  • More consistent code and quality assurance.

[Image Source: Tabnine]