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Talkdesk chases banking space with new GenAI autopilot

Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk’s founder and CEO
Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk’s founder and CEO

Software developer Talkdesk is targeting the US banking space with a new artificial intelligence-powered autopilot, the San Francisco-based software company shared with QA Financial.

The new GenAI tool provides banks with a “company-specific virtual agent by utilising generative AI, prebuilt flows and conversations tailored specifically for financial services markets,” as Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk’s founder and current chief executive officer, put it.

He stated that the Autopilot is capable of dealing with elaborate use cases, understanding customer journeys, and generating “intelligent and smooth” responses to customer queries, “all without the assistance of a human agent.”

In fact, Paiva went on to claim his platform is “the first industry-specific, GenAI-driven virtual agent” of its kind, since the autopilot comes pre-trained in real-life scenarios based on Talkdesk’s banking insights and experience.

“Virtual agents are often used as a call deflection strategy, but GenAI-powered agents can drive significant value for banks.”

Tiago Paiva

Talkdesk is making the feature available in its Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud and the autopilot includes core banking processors and an e-commerce system, so it is capable of automating a range of different use cases.

By implementing the solution, banks will be able to increase their contact centre efficiency, Paiva continued. “This will lead to improved revenue opportunities and agent productivity.”

“We want to be at the forefront of the customer experience industry, leveraging the power of GenAI and large language models to solve and automate key use cases in banking.”

Banking feature

Paiva was keen to stress that Autopilot for Banking has the ability to “automate common banking scenarios”, such as reading account balance information, payment and transfer data, card management info as well as data and transaction histories.

In addition, Paiva stressed that since the feature can be integrated into financial services systems, the tool is able to process less common and more complex tasks. He did not specify what those are.

Finally, the CCaaS provider stressed the Autopilot could interact and engage directly with customers and is able to deal with regular and common issues without any human involvement needed.

“Virtual agents are often used as a call deflection strategy, but GenAI-powered virtual agents with dynamic capabilities can drive significant value for our banking customers,” Paiva concluded.

The launch comes only months after Talkdesk launched another GenAI-driven platform.

In October of last year, the firm rolled out several AI tools that aim to support call centre agents.

Among its product offering is a Generative Knowledge Retrieval tool, which collects and summarises data and offers it to agents in real-time, reducing the need to sift through support content.

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