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Teleport introduces AI-powered troubleshooting chat


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Teleport, the California-headquartered cloud connectivity specialist, has announced the release of its Teleport Assist platform, a natural language interface that leverages OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) application programming interfaces (APIs). This new tool is designed to aid DevOps teams in troubleshooting infrastructure issues with greater ease, Teleport says.

Teleport Assist allows DevOps engineers to communicate with vast fleets of servers using natural language, the company adds. The interface can suggest commands and scripts for debugging and addressing common problems, which are presented for review before execution.

Future iterations of Teleport Assist will extend support to other cloud resources, such as SQL databases and Kubernetes clusters, Teleport said. As of now, Teleport Assist supports Secure Shell (SSH) and bash scripts, with plans to incorporate more languages and interfaces over time.

Teleport’s CEO, Ev Kontsevoy [pictured], believes that generative AI platforms might eventually replace many scripts that DevOps engineers currently depend on for IT management. He said: “The average IT administrator could soon interact with DevOps platforms using an NLI [Natural Language Interface], eliminating the need for extensive programming skills.” Kontsevoy added that these advances in generative AI will democratise DevOps expertise, making it more accessible to a broader range of professionals.

[Image Source: Teleport]

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