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The hunt is on: Danske Bank is searching for GenAI ‘visionist’

Danske Bank's office in Vilnius, Lithuania
Danske Bank's office in Vilnius, Lithuania

Danske Bank is currently actively recruiting for a service owner to take charge of its ambitious GenAI strategy, QA Financial has been told.

To be based in the bank’s Vilnius office, in Lithuania, the successful candidate will lead the integration of generative AI technologies into Danske Bank’s digital workspace.

The primary goal of the newly created role, which is described internally as “extremely pivotal”, is to drive tech innovation and efficiency across the bank’s workforce of close to 22,000 staff members.

“The chosen individual will become an integral part of the Collaboration & Productivity Technology leadership team, steering the bank towards a future where technology and human ingenuity converge seamlessly,” QA Financial was told.

Tech strategy

The bank has set out ambitious plans to enhance and automate workflows through a combination of AI, as well as typical employee features such as Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint.

Therefore, internally, it is said the bank is looking for not just any tech-savvy professional, but a “visionist with a robust understanding of both generative AI technologies and the broader tech landscape.”

“The newly appointed Service Owner for GenAI solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work at Danske Bank.”

Danske Bank

Management experience is essential, as Danske Bank’s newest employee will be expected to become part of the Collaboration & Productivity Technology leadership team, which is spread across Denmark, Lithuania and India.

QA Financial understands the proposed salary range is up to 7,300 euros per month.

“This strategic move not only highlights the bank’s commitment to innovation but also sets a new benchmark for the industry, signalling a shift towards more intelligent, efficient, and flexible workplace solutions. The success of this initiative could very well set the tone for how businesses across the globe envision the digital workplace of tomorrow.”