QA Financial Forum New York | 15 May 2024 | BOOK TICKETS
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The Impact and Benefit of Virtualization on Quality & Performance Benchmarks

Companies are deploying software quality initiatives with an eye on implementing more efficient processes and approaches. Test automation has moved DevOps teams in the right direction but dealing with the constraints of downstream dependencies presents its own challenges. Virtualisation makes it possible to mimic those dependent services and endpoints within the test environment, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling testing to continue unhindered.

Listen to this webinar on demand to see how the use of virtualisation—either from a standing start or transitioning vendors—adds efficiency to testing and development processes. Learn from the experiences of Raymond Smit, IT Chapter Lead of ING, and Istiak Ahmed, SVP – Software Quality Assurance Manager of Bank of America. We’ll explore key elements that drive improved efficiency as validated by our own objective QA Vector Analytics benchmarks.